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Batteries From Altus Lift

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Altus provides Our customers With Batteries For:

• Electric Rider Trucks • Narrow Aisle Trucks • Swing Reach • Very Narrow Aisle • Motorized Pallet Jacks • Cushion Tire Trucks • Pneumatic Tire Trucks

Altus Service Solutions Is Designed To Save You Money. Start Running Smooth With Fleet Solutions By Altus.

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Measure Your Battery

The steel tray that contains the individual cells is part of the battery assembly.
Always take the External/Outside tray dimensions:
· Length (X) – From one lifting tab to the other, across the width of the forklift.
· Width (Y) – From the front to back of the forklift.
· Height (Z) – From the bottom to the top of the lifting tabs (or cover if applicable).
· If the battery has a cover, note the style.

Cable Length And Position

Measure cables from A, B, C or D position
· Measure from the edge of the tray to the plug, noting the position.
· Only measure the length that protrudes or hangs from the battery tray.
· “A” and “B” position are usually on drivers left and right.
· It is better to have too much cable than too little.
· Note the plug type and color: Standard Battery Plugs.

Additional Resources

  • Standard Plugs
  • Optional Plugs
  • Battery Cover Styles
  • Industrial Battery Charger Parts
  • Proper Bettery Care

Why Batteries From Altus Lift?

Quality, Selection, Pricing, Knowledge and Experience are just a few of the reasons why customers trust Altus Lift Trucks to power their business.

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Battery Testing and Repair

Is your battery no longer holding a charge?
Does it have a strong sulfur smell?
Chances are, it’s either “sulphated”, or you have one or more bad cells.
Altus is fully equipped for on-site testing to quickly find
weak or bad cells in your battery. Sulphated batteries
can usually be cured by a combination of equalize
charging and deep cycling.

Additional Battery Services Include

  • On-Site Service or Our Shop Battery
  • Cleaning Battery
  • Rentals

Forklift Battery Applications

  • New Forklift Batteries
  • Reconditioned Batteries
  • Automatic Battery Watering Systems New Chargers
  • Reconditioned Chargers
Industrial Battery Charger Parts:
We stock parts for all of your battery and charger repair needs. If the part is proprietary to a particular brand that we do not already have access to, we will simply refer you to a stocking dealer rather than add a percentage to their price.

We stock new and reconditioned batteries and chargers, available for short and long term rental. Contact us for rates and availability.

Battery Charging:
Charge when a battery reaches 80% depth of discharge (near the “red zone” on most discharge meters), not before.

Charge only when necessary, most new batteries are designed to provide 1,500 charge “cycles” or more. It will spread the cycle life of the battery over a much longer period of time.

Standard Plug Colors: Gray, Red, Yellow,
Blue, Green or Orange.
Plugs will only fit other plugs of the same size and color,

New Batteries:
· Superior long lasting flat plate grid construction.
· Vibration resistant – No fragile tubes.
· Standard 1.285 specific gravity = Lower operating temperature, longer life.
· Trays: Durable Baked-On Powder Coat Finish.

Reconditioned Batteries:
· Half the price of new batteries.
· Warranty: 1 Year.
· An alternative for extremely light duty applications.
· Subject to Availability – Call 1-888-887-5438 or E-mail for availability.

Automatic Battery Watering Systems
· We stock: BFS, Flow Rite, Philadelphia Scientific and Water Master brands.
· High pressure or gravity feed.
· Highly recommended for batteries that must be removed for watering.
· Factory installed option on new batteries.
· Available aftermarket through our parts department – easy installation.
· 5-Year Warranty.

New Chargers
· Single Phase or Three Phase
· AC Input Voltages: 120VAC to 600VAC, 50 or 60hz
· 10-year warranty
· A wide range of Fully Automatic Digital Charge Controls to suit your needs.
· Stackable · UL and cUL listed
· Call 1-888-887-5438 or E-mail for availability.

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