2301, 2015

2010 Hyster H30FT 1032 hr

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Complete truck equipped with: Mazda® 2.0L LP 3,000lb. load capacity Finger tip hydraulic control handle with fully adjustable armrest Light packages – Two front, one rear halog en work light [...]

3001, 2014

How can you maximize Forklift Battery Life?

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The battery is the life of your Forklift. Once the battery is dead, your equipment will be dead and will not be able to work. Usually new  and non-experienced workers handle forklift battery in rough manner or don’t inspect the battery in timely manner, hence shorting the lift of the battery. If they follow a few guidelines they can maximize the battery life. […]

601, 2014

Hybrid vs. Hydrogen Fuel Cell Forklift – Possible Future

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With the rise of unique technologies in forklifts and lift trucks, a debate is going on all over the world about choosing among the two most exclusive and economic technologies [...]

1812, 2013

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars: Welcome to the Future

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Have you ever heard of Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology? In the future, your vehicle will run on this incredible technology known as the Hydrogen Fuel Cell (FC). This technology can [...]

1212, 2013

Which License Suits You as a Forklift Operator?

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For a forklift operator, a license is not only a sign that he or she is an equipment operator, but it is also a safety badge. However, different states have [...]

1012, 2013

Are Talking Cars The Future of Transportation?

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Imagine if vehicles were able to communicate with each other just like pedestrians. The ratio of automobile accidents could be reduced to almost zero instantly! This dream is quickly becoming a reality. The recommendation of such technology has been given by the US Department of Transportation safety board after the fatal accident of a school bus with a truck in 2012 (New Jersey and Florida). The first test drive with this system was made later that year, although the systems are still in development. […]