Buy Raymond Forklifts For Your Material Handling Needs

Raymond Corporation manufactures an excellent range of lift trucks that are best for a variety of material handling applications. Their wide range of forklifts differentiate them from other manufacturers.

Altus Lift Trucks LLC deals in a variety of lift truck models by Raymond (Toyota). They are offering the following three exclusive models for forklift rentals and sales:

Stand Up End Control by Raymond 2003 – (R30-C30TT)

This fast, smooth, attractive and reliable Raymond Forklift was manufactured in 2003. At Altus it is available at the most reliable price. Stand up Control by Raymond provides the most initiative work operation with comfort. The powerful AC drive makes it more productive. Other features include:030657item28

  • Manufactured by: Raymond
  • Model: R30-C30TT
  • Year: 2003
  • Tire: Poly
  • Mast: 84/191
  • Fuel: 36V Electric
  • Capacity: 3000
  • Category: Electric 4Wheel

Stand Up End Control by Raymond 2006 – (R30-C30TT)

Raymond R30-C30TT 2006 is the enhanced model of R30-C30TT. It gives you an excellent and powerful work experience with powerful AC drive and its lifts. The enhanced AC drive and lift make it more comfortable to use. This model is fast, smooth and reliable for your warehouse work operations.Stand Up End Control by Raymond

  • Manufacturer: Stand Up End Control by Raymond
  • Model: R30-C30TT
  • Year: 2006
  • Tire: Poly
  • Mast: 84/191
  • Fuel: 36V Electric
  • Capacity: 3000

Reach Trucks by Raymond – (EASI-R30TT)

Another Raymond Forklift that is called Reach Truck is available at Altus. This is different from the stand up control. These lift trucks have benefit of adjustable EASi™ with the right amount of DC traction and lift. 252″ LIFT RAYMOND EASI REACH 36v with a 14″ battery compartments is another property. This is very easy to use and comfortable as well. The control are easy to understand for the new forklift operators. As push forward on the handle and the truck moves forward —pull back and the truck reverses. The handle also provides simultaneous control of travel, lift, load handling and horn.Reach Trucks by Raymond – (EASI-R30TT)

  • Type: Reach Trucks
  • Make: Raymond
  • Model: EASI-R30TT
  • Year: 1999
  • Tire: POLY
  • Mast: 3 STAGE
  • Fuel: ELECTRIC 36V
  • Capacity: 3,000 LB.
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List of Raymond Forklift Parts

If you work in a warehouse environment on a Raymond forklift, you should have the knowledge of Raymond forklift parts. Here a list of Raymond parts:

  • Raymond Forklift Forks
  • Raymond Mast Bearings
  • Forklift Lights & Alarms
  • Raymond Forklift Drive Unit Parts
  • Raymond Forklift Wheels & Bearings
  • Raymond Forklift Contractor Parts
  • Raymond Forklift Seats
  • Raymond Forklift Brake Parts
  • Forklift Tires
  • Raymond Forklift Steering Parts
  • Raymond Forklift Gauges
  • Raymond Forklift Switches
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