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Sometimes you just need a forklift for a limited time operation and you don’t want to spend heavy amount on purchasing a specific fork truck. So what should you do? You can lease a lift truck for a limited time. There are thousands of fork truck service providers worldwide which deal in forklift rentals, so it’s not an easy task to find the best one.

Altus Lift Trucks LLC is one of the best material handling company based in Somerville, New Jersey. They are offering almost all makes and models of forklifts in reasonable hiring rates on daily, weekly and monthly basis. They offer leasing programs for the following manufacturer:

Altus Lift is offering a wide range of lift trucks on rent for various warehouse operations. Let me briefly go through each of them one by one:

Hand Pallet Truck

Also known as pallet jack, its capacity is around 500 pound. Each fork is 7” wide, Altus offers this forklift for rent in $115 per week.

Light Duty Walkie Pallet

Loads up to 4,400 lbs. These are easy and safe to use with an ergonomic handle. Altus offers this forklift for rent in $195/week.

Walkie Pallet

Best to load skidded material. Ideal for high capacity transporting, Altus offers this forklift for rent in $205.00/week. This one is ideal for the small space.

Rider Pallet

Suitable for moving low-level order. Suitable for high speed transporting with for maximum productivity, Altus offers this forklift for rent in $210 per week.

Light Duty Stacker

Low cost alternative to Forklift Trucks. These are designed specifically to load the lightweight materials. Rental rates start from $125.

Heavy Duty Stacker

Easy for navigation during tough applications. Moves and handle large materials. Available for rental in $235/week.

Dbl Length Rider Pallet

Best to meet your productivity needs. Suitable for In-trailer operations and Pedestrian or ride-on operation. Available for $225/week on rent.

Walkie Counterbalance

Capacity ranging from 2,000 to 4,000 pounds. These are easy to use lift trucks, and suitable for variety of pedestrian truck applications.

Walkie Reach

With the advantage of right turning of a straddle truck. Capacity ranging from 2,000 to 3,000 pounds. We are offering rental at $295/week.

Propane Sit Down

Suitable for long hour’s job. Lifting height up to 18”. Our weekly rental rate is $375. Stand Up Rider Best for your comfort and ergonomics. With optimum performance and value, we offer this lift truck rental price at $375/week.

Down Rider

One of the category of forklift capable of rotating 90 degrees. This is specifically designed to operate under warehouse environment. Popular Applications are grocery, distribution and warehousing. Our rental price offer is just $375/week.

Four Wheel Sit Down

This category of fork truck has a large holding capacity of 2,000 to 100,000 lbs. These are intended for side use only. These are not suitable to use under rain. Our rental price for this stacker truck is $395/week.

Stock Picker

The speciality of this lift truck is that it allows you to turn your truck into a stocking platform. These are suitable for the environment where security is required, e.g. construction, inventory control, stock selection and restocking. Its rental rate is $395 per week.

Rider Reach

The trucks for narrow aisle operation. With capacity up to 8000 lbs., these are suitable for heavy duty work. The antifriction bearing offers self-aligning for minimal maintenance. Altus is renting this forklift in $395 per week.

Deep Reach

For loading and unloading double deep pallet rack, suitable for the place where maximum space is required. This has capacity over 42” reach capability. Altus forklift rental rate for this stacker is starting from $225. The above Forklift hire Rates are effective 03/31/2010 and they are subject to change without notice. Their delivery charges are not included and the rates are based on 5,000 lb. capacity units. You can call them for special pricing on larger trucks. If you need any of the above mentioned handling equipment you can call 1 888 887 5438.

 Things you should know when renting a forklift

When you need a lift truck for hire, you need to consider various important things listed below.

  1. Every forklift is designed to perform a specific workplace operation. You need to get the best one suitable for yours. The decision of rental should be done by keeping in mind the weather, place and required capacity.
  2. Duration is another important thing you need to consider when you rent a forklift. Renting costs can be different for each duration. Sometimes companies offer bulk deals, which can help you getting the best rate for long-term rentals.
  3. Your request for renting would require time to proceed. This depends on the availability of demanded machine. You should wait for your request to proceed further.
  4. The terms and policies vary from rental to rental. Different companies have different terms and conditions. If your request is approved you may need to sign a contract or form. Before signing contracts with companies, you should be aware of their policies.

You Responsibilities and expectations:

Once you get your required forklift, it’s your responsibility to take care of it. You will be solely responsible for any damage in your possession. General damages include scratches, torn seats, cut tires or broken lights. These can occur by minor accidents or careless attitude while operating. The performance, productivity and reliability of a lift truck depends on its age and previous use. When you select a rental company, you should expect a very well maintained machine from them. A good rental company not only maintains its machines, but also insures them to give their clients an extra benefit.

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