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Forklift Rentals by Altus

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Why Choose Altus Forklift Rentals

Altus Lift  has been providing forklift rentals and sales to North/Central New Jersey decades. We have over 25 years worth of material handling equipment expertise. We are committed to delivering your forklift rental in a hurry – whether you need it for the day, week or month. We also have an inventory used forklifts and pallet jacks for sale. Our experts can even get your forklift  drivers trained and certified.

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Altus Lift Trucks can develop and implement a plan that will give your business a way to save money and reduce operational costs.

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Once you get your required forklift, it’s your responsibility to take care of it. You will be solely responsible for any damage in your possession. General damages include scratches, torn seats, cut tires or broken lights. These can occur by minor accidents or careless attitude while operating. The performance, productivity and reliability of a lift truck depends on its age and previous use. When you select a rental company, you should expect a very well maintained machine from them. A good rental company not only maintains its machines, but also insures them to give their clients an extra benefit.

Forklift For a Limited Time Operation

Altus guarantees all equipment they install. In case of faults, they offer exchanges free of cost.
Not only do they offer an exchange of parts, but they also offer a money-back guarantee for parts and services if the client is not satisfied.
They offer a wide range of forklift parts for major brands like Raymond forklift, Hyster, Clark, Mitsubishi, and more – all in one place. No longer will you need to scour multiple stores just to find good service and a product you like!
Being a professional forklift service provider, Altus always hires trained technicians approved by OSHA and that provide OSHA certified services. OSHA Certified technicians are more reliable as, during the training, they are exposed to a certain level of danger and learn the best way to deal with it.
Altus not only offers low labour rates for lift truck services, but also a fast response time from highly skilled and trained technicians.
Altus offer excellent packages for all of your forklift services, repairs, and maintenance needs at a low cost. These packages allow you to take advantage of the best services along with the best rates. In special cases, you can even become a member.
Their forklift service details are now displayed online, allowing you to see the portfolio at home first and visit them later.