How can you maximize Forklift Battery Life?

Forklift BatteryThe battery is the life of your Forklift. Once the battery is dead, your equipment will be dead and will not be able to work.

Usually new  and non-experienced workers handle forklift battery in rough manner or don’t inspect the battery in timely manner, hence shorting the lift of the battery. If they follow a few guidelines they can maximize the battery life.

Routine Inspection

You have invest in buying forklift batteries. So you should take care of it.

Battery inspection depends on the usage level. If battery usage is too much, it might get difficult for the operator to inspect it frequently. However, it is recommended to inspect the battery as many times as you can. Because some faults are easy to manage at the earlier stage.

Charging and Discharging the Forklift Battery

When battery is on charge, it is connected with the DC charger. At this moment, sulphate ions are driven from the negative and positive plates into the electrolyte solution. The plates returned into the lead peroxide (positive) and sponge lead (negative).

Usually conventional chargers are utilized to charge the battery. They start reducing the current when the battery charging reached to 80%. Keep the following things in your mind when charging forklift battery:

  1. Never allow the battery to discharge below 20%. Try charging before that.
  2. Plug switch properly. Always plugin to the switch, not the lift. Sometimes this mistake happen by forklift operators which causes serious damage to the lift truck.
  3. Always avoid charging the battery that is above 115F. This can cause damage the battery. Let the battery cool down first before you start charging. Usually old or much used batteries get heat up earlier.
  4. When watering, use only authentic water. In this way you can maximize the life of battery.
  5. Charger selection also need care. Always match the charger capacity with your forklift manufacturer. If you use wrong charger to charge the forklift battery, it may charge but the life of the battery will get minimize. Also there is a chance that the battery as well as the charger get damage.
  6. Park the truck in a safer area while charging. Do not charge in an extreme heated or extreme cold area. Also make sure that the floor is clean where you are charging fork lift.
  7. Over charging can also make the battery damage. Use conventional chargers to save the battery.s
  8. Keep the forklift away from flames or metal while charging or using. This might make a chemical reaction that would possibly effect health of the worker under warehouse.
  9.  Check if the charger is working properly. Sometimes damage charger can cause your battery to damage as well.

Cleaning the Battery

A battery become dirty by the dust and electrolytes with time to time operation. Batteries should be clean and dry routinely.

  • You can clean the common dust from the battery by using warm water. However, if using some other kind of solution for cleaning you should be aware of the proper usage of that.
  • Using non-toxic battery cleaner is recommended.
  • Keep the battery caps tight when cleaning the battery.
  • If using baking soda, make sure that that fizz action is stopped before you apply this.

With these instructions keeping in mind, you can maximize the battery life as well as the life of your forklift.

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