Lithium Ion vs Lead Acid Batteries in Forklift Trucks?

For those who have been familiar with warehousing and storage industries particularly with the aid of forklift trucks, the term lead acid batteries has been considered the most recognizable tool used to power these heavy duty forklift trucks. In fact, lead acid batteries have been the most commonly used source of power for forklift trucks and that they still remain to be the industry’s number one choice in terms of being the ultimate fuel source.

The main reason for this is because unlike other source of power like diesel or gasoline, this requires less maintenance and more importantly, there are no harmful emissions being excreted by these materials. It is also quiet and at the same time it can be used for both indoors and outdoors.

Indeed, lead acid batteries are the most economical and the highly recyclable source of energy for forklift trucks. But there could possibly be a more efficient source of fuel for the forklift trucks and these can be the lithium ion.

Nowadays, it is now highly possible that a lithium ion battery option may be a better alternative as compared to lead acid batteries. Actually, it has already been predicted that it will replace acid batteries and will be more prevalently used by mainstream fork lift truck manufacturers. In fact, other industries particularly in the field of luxury automobile companies have already utilized lithium ion to be their fuel source.

Lith-ion-with-otherLithium ion has been actually rendered the most reliable source of energy and has been tried and tested by various companies and manufacturers now.

Now, the question now states as to which battery can provide the most efficiency and the most economical way. While it is true that lead acid batteries are the most affordable as compared to lithium ion based, lithium ion is considered to be the more reliable as it can deliver two hundred times more transitory current as compared to acid based batteries.

Moreover, lithium ion based batteries are also considered more efficient as it can produce the highest forklift truck capacity with just a minimum or lesser current as compared to lead acid batteries. This can be very beneficial for fork lift trucks as they no longer have to require a higher power capacity requirement from acid batteries.

Furthermore, lithium ion based forklift batteries have lesser degradation as compared to acid batteries. Forklift operators will really be benefited by the features offered by lithium ion as it will help them increase in their production capacity.

But then, come to think of it, lead acid batteries are the most affordable fuel source that can be managed by various third world countries in their fork lift industries. In addition, to maintain a lithium recycling plant could also be more costly thus it may also lead to higher operational costs for this.

Therefore, the battle between lithium ion and acid batteries is not over yet. Perhaps it just needs further development on the part of the lithium ion battery so one can safely conclude its utmost reliability.


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