Preventing Young and New Workers from Accidents

Every year more than 100 people die in forklift accidents. The reason for 36% of deaths among them includes forklifts. These deaths include young workers, new workers, and pedestrians walking around such work zone areas.

It has become a serious issue, and saving worker`s lives has become an immense challenge.

Let me share with you some knowledgeable stats about forklift accidents happening around work zones.

Workers Fatalities Stats:


OHS Insider declared that in Canada approximately 48,000 young workers’ injuries were reported yearly. Although only 10% of overall workers are young workers, they are injured at a rate of 16%. In 2009, there were 23 fatalities among young workers. It has also been noticed that these workers got injured mostly during the initial time span of their training program. Approximately 55% of the injuries were reported during the first few months of training. New workers have 5 to 7 times more injuries during the first four weeks of their work. Another fact is that men are two times more likely to be involved in a forklift accident when compared to women.


 These above depicted injuries were mostly reported during:

• Lifting objects (Forklift, lift trucks)

• Moving objects

• Working on elevated levels

• Working with tools

• Working with hot substances

• Using mobiles during work

• Working near a running machine

NB Safety Stats of Workers from 15-24 years:

In 2010, 42,900 injuries were reported of workers between the ages of 15-24.

In 2010, a total of 1,290 of those injured suffered from such injuries.

(1998 – 2010) 13 died because of such accidents in the workplace.

(2000 – 2010) 9,610 workers filled lost time workers` compensation complaints.

Usually injuries are reported on the following presented body parts:


 Preventing Workers:

It is extremely important to follow safety precautions while working as the major reasons of forklift accidents are because of carelessness during work.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment):

Personal protective equipment should be available to the worker while he is performing work. The most common PPE Equipment includes hats, belts, gloves, protective boots, high-visibility jackets and overalls. Providing protective equipment is just one of the basics for protection from a forklift accident. There are many training tips in regard to forklift safety. Some of these include proper lifting, proper handling, and the proper use of PPE. Workers should not only be trained about the importance of following such training, they should also be reminded that such safety precautions are mandatory or required to follow.


OSHA has broadcast the Final Rule for Powered Industrial Truck Operator Training

[29 CFR 1910.178(l)], which became effective March 1, 1999. According to the rule for operating forklifts this is mandatory to train the staff and only licensed people should be allowed to work under work zone. The training includes lifting and handling guides, use of PPE in the right manner and much more.

The training should also include a physical fitness test. Those who are not physically fit for work should never be hired.


Maintenance of equipment and work areas are so important to prevent fatalities. One of the highlighted reasons of accidents under warehouses is unmaintained equipment. Maintenance includes oiling of equipment if required, checking nuts, cleaning and service. Apply slip resistance in the working area if required.

Safety Signs:

Safety signs help very much in making people knowledgeable of what is where and where to go.

These indicating signs are important not only for working people but also for the pedestrians all around.


Communication is the bridge to safety. Regular meetings with your workers will let them know what is going on around the workplace and will also let your employees understand what is required of them. Keep training your employees time after time, as repetitive and continuous training will help reinforce the safety measures and requirements necessary for the employees to satisfactorily perform their job, all the while ensuring their safety. If employees are facing any issue in handling equipment, you should resolve such issue by communicating with them and perhaps offering more training.

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