Reducing Environmental Pollution Caused By Forklifts

There are approximately 60% of places where people use forklift services for handling, loading and carrying equipment. Electric forklifts are considered to be expensive and unsafe for the environment as compared to LPG or Oil. LPG forklifts can cause the exposure of CO (Carbon Monoxide) in the environment, which causes pollution. Not only this, forklifts can also produce too much noise pollution.

Effects of Forklift Pollution:

The effects of this pollution can be minor to major. Some diseases that were observed so far are:

Partially or Completely Deafness

Due to too much noise at construction sites, people sometimes lost their hearing completely or partially.

Breathing Problem

Smoke and other bad smells can cause asthma issues in people.

Skin Diseases

Some skin diseases are caused by the corrosion of forklift or the oil wasted through this machine.

These problems can occur in every third person working in a construction environment. It is important to control any kind of pollution which forklifts can produce or can be produced during its maintenance.

Preventing Forklift Pollution:

Some points are listed here that every forklift handler should keep in mind to prevent the forklift pollution:

Care of Battery

If you do not care for your forklift battery it will not only cause pollution, but you could suffer from an accident. Batteries can produce small amounts of acid. Corrosion on the battery can make the battery life shorter. Never clean this corrosion by hand. Use battery wash water for this.

The battery wash water contains small particles of lead and copper so be careful. Dispose of this waste or cleaning water properly. Cleaning the battery in a proper way will make for a healthy environment.  Also, these batteries must be disposed of properly and at a proper place. Some companies and construction zones offer recycling of these materials.

Carbon Monoxide Control

It is important to save the environment form Carbon Monoxide. For this purpose, always take care of air and fuel mixture control. This will control the emission of CO in the environment. To know the air and fuel mixture ratio you should refer to the owner’s manual.

Making Forklifts Clean

Usually outdoor forklifts receive more dirt and mud upon them. Do not use any kind of agent to clean the truck which would cause the pollution.

Oil Changing

Engine oil of every vehicle should be changed periodically, refer to your owner’s manual. If not, then your vehicle engine will start passing black smoke, will pollute the environment and eventually the engine will cease.

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