Toyota improves lift trucks efficiency using hybrid technology

Toyota is the leading brand that produces hybrid technology based vehicles. They first launched Prius in 1997, which was a winner of prestigious European Car awards.

Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO) launched hybrid Forklifts in Japan (2009). These are listed as the environment friendly lift trucks as they consume less fuel, hence produces less pollution. Due to many exclusive features they are getting popular in the industry as well as the warehouses environment.

Andrew Elliot adds: “At Toyota Material Handling Europe, we are committed to providing customers with materials handling solutions that strengthen their business while reducing the environmental impact of their operations. The Toyota Hybrid Concept Forklift is an example of the sort of technologies that we are exploring in order to meet our industry’s evolving customer needs.”

In Feb 2011, STILL RX70 HYBRID Forklift emerged. This technology won the Federal Ecodesign Award In 2012.

“The Federal Ecodesign Award is of special value to us, because it honors not only the individual product but the whole underlying philosophy.” says Knoef. “Ecologic responsibility is an elementary component of our corporate mission and it comprises production processes, product use as well as recycling of the product. Winning the award tells us that we are on the right way.”


Features of Toyota Hybrid Technology:

  • The Toyota hybrid lift trucks combine an IC engine, electric generator and battery in a design that allows the engine to operate with optimum fuel and emissions efficiency.
  • They have reduces the fuel cost and the emissions of CO2. Therefore, these are environmentally friendly forklifts. (Significantly while delivering the same overall performance as internal combustion (IC) models.
  • The lift truck has best electric and internal combustion technology.
  • The concept forklift combines an IC engine, electric generator and battery in a design that allows the engine to operate with optimum fuel/emissions efficiency.
  • The hybrid technology includes NiMH battery pack for energy storage.
  • Besides a fuel tank, the truck is fitted with energy stores located at the rear.
  • These lift trucks are charged from the energy that is released during braking.
  • They consist of two energy storage systems.
  • These are not only featured as environmentally friendly, but also good economically as they require less fuel.
  • The new RX70 HYBRID forklift has a rated capacity of 3.0 and 3.5 tonnes and was developed on the basis of the highly successful RX70 diesel truck.
  • The lift truck stores energy and utilizes it for future acceleration.
  • Driving and lifting movements are easily controllable.
  • Due to all these exclusive features these trucks have received the popularity and now Toyota has launched hybrid cars all over the world to save fuel and help protect the environment.
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